POA 146: SDCC 2016

Recorded on July 27, 2016

On this episode:

Transformers: Titans Return

San Diego Comic Con – official Titans Return product images

San Diego Comic Con 2016 – Hasbro Transformers Breakfast Event pictures

Transformers Leader Class Sixshot

Titans Return Leader Sixshot, Voyager Optimus Prime, Deluxe Triggerhappy, and Titan Master Fangry new looks

Transformers Liokaiser

SDCC 2016 – Liokaiser official pics

The LEGO Batman Movie sets

Two The LEGO Batman Movie Official Set Images Revealed

Marvel Legends 6”

SDCC 2016 – New Marvel Legends 6-Inch – Netflix Series!

SDCC 2016 – Hasbro Marvel Legends 6-Inch Sunday Update

Star Wars 3.75-inch Grand Admiral Thrawn

SDCC 2016 – Hasbro Star Wars 3.75-Inch Scale Display Update

Quantum Mechanix 1/6-scale Star Trek figures

SDCC 2016 – Quantum Mechanix Star Trek

NECA Godzilla GMK, Shin Godzilla

SDCC 2016 – NECA GMK Godzilla

SH Figuarts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder

SDCC 2016 – SH Figuarts TMNT, Ghostbusters, DBZ, Suicide Squad, and WWE

NECA Aliens Series 10 Kenner Homages

SDCC 2016 – NECA Aliens Update – Kenner Style and More

SDCC 2016 Friday Reveals: Aliens Series 10 (Kenner Tribute), Heroes of the Storm Series 3 Action Figures

And more!

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